Enterprise Land’s services-oriented architecture for Hunt

P2 Energy Solutions’ hosted land management service integrates Hunt’s legacy systems.

Hunt Petroleum is to implement P2 Energy Solutions’ (P2ES) Enterprise Land (EL) package. P2ES claims EL is the upstream’s ‘first enterprise application to leverage a services-oriented architecture (SOA).’ EL modules are component-based and loosely coupled, facilitating configuration, deployment and integration with other applications.


Steve Payte, land systems specialist with Hunt said, ‘We are impressed with EL’s ease of use—despite the early stage of the application, we were reassured by its reliance on familiar concepts. EL also integrates well with our legacy systems—Tobin GIS Studio, Excalibur and our custom well service application.’


P2 ES is hosting the system. Payte concluded ‘The hosted model took a big burden off of our shoulders from an IT perspective and enabled us to complete the project quickly.’ In a separate announcement, P2ES has also sold its Petroleum Financial hosted solution to Classic Hydrocarbons Inc. of Fort Worth, Texas.

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