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Energy Navigator, Geosoft, OpenSpirit, Yokagawa, Schlumberger, ZEH, Aram, Hampson-Russell.

Energy Navigator has released AFE Navigator V6.0 with enhanced workflows and better integration with other systems. A publish and subscribe mechanism allows key AFE events to be broadcast automatically to third-party financial applications using a publish and subscribe model. A user-definable data integration tool controls the data exchange.

Geosoft’s 2008 release, which includes Oasis montaj and Target 7.0, now embeds ESRI’s ArcEngine mapping technology. ESRI native format maps can now be viewed without leaving the Geosoft environment.

OpenSpirit V 3.1 adds data connectors for GeoFrame 4.4, Kingdom 8.2 and a beta of the OpenWorks R5000 connector.

Yokogawa’s new ‘Centum VP’ production control system integrates plant information management, asset management and operation support functions into a ‘unified operating environment’ for process plants including oil and gas and petrochemicals.

Schlumberger has awarded ‘Ocean certification’ for ZEH Software’s CGM Extension for Petrel. The CGM plug-in exports Petrel graphics to CGM files for printing, montaging, editing and archiving.

Calgary-based Aram Systems has certified Ultera Systems’ Mirage data recorder for use with its Aries seismic data acquisition system. Mirage replaces tape drives and cartridges with two high performance 750GB RAID disk drives in removable canisters.

Veritas unit Hampson-Russell’s ‘CE8R2’ update for its geological and geophysical interpretation and modeling suite includes improved AVO gradient analysis, extra options for data loading, better crossplotting. The View3D component is now available on 32-bit Linux and 64-bit Windows.

Petrolink’s Power suite of well site software tools are now certified WITSML compliant.

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