‘Information Engine’ bundles master data management and BI

Kalido’s new business intelligence solution ‘streamlines how key questions are asked and answered.’

Kalido has announced a new ‘Information Engine’ solution to ‘streamline how key performance questions get asked and answered.’ The Kalido Information Engine (KIE) bundles Kalido’s Business Information Modeler, Dynamic Information Warehouse, Master Data Management and Universal Information Director products. KIE cohabits with existing transaction systems, data warehouses and business intelligence front-ends addressing what Kalido describes as enterprise computing’s ‘inconvenient truth,’ that, despite the billions invested to date, BI’s promise remains ‘largely unfulfilled.’


According to IDC Senior VP Henry Morris, ‘BI can be time-consuming to implement and costly to modify when business needs change. KIE enables business and IT to work together to maintain a high-level model that reflects current requirements, manages metadata and handles changes over time.’ KIE helps customers design, develop and deploy a BI infrastructure faster than traditional hand-coding or ETL-based methods.


Kalido CEO Bill Hewitt said, ‘Companies are challenged with the complex transformation of corporate data to actionable information. The problem’s not with BI, but rather with the data and processes that are managed on spreadsheets, reliant on custom coding and subject to misinterpretation. KIE makes your infrastructure ‘intelligent,’ automated and business model-driven.’

Visual Business Modeler

Kalido has also just announced a ‘visual modeler’ for BI—a graphical design environment that introduces ‘gesture-based’ modeling. The modeler streamlines data warehouse development and change management, enabling BI directors and data architects to keep their infrastructures in step with changing business requirements.


Kalido’s Hakan Sarbanoglu told Oil IT Journal, ‘KIE powers many projects in the oil and gas industry, across a range of applications, including well master data management, pipelines, asset integrity management, financial reporting and more.’ Kalido’s oil and gas customers include Shell and BP. More from david.winterhalter@kalido.com.

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