Digital Record Center hosts scanned images, digital assets

Iron Mountain leverages IBM Content Manager to offer outsourced document management.

Information management specialist Iron Mountain has teamed with IBM to provide a hosting service for essential documents. Iron Mountain’s ‘Digital Record Center’ (DRC) is a secure repository for scanned images of physical records, PDFs and other digital documents. The DRC extends Iron Mountain’s (IM) portfolio of document management with a ‘complete solution’ for information lifecycle management.


IM VP Chris Churchill said, ‘We’ve helped our clients manage physical records and convert paper documents to digital files for a long time. Now, the DRC brings a cost-effective repository and a comprehensive, single-source solution for secure information access.’ The DRC uses ‘sophisticated’ indexing and search tools for rapid document retrieval. The scalable solution has no capital costs and allows authorized users to quickly access records on a 24/7 basis via the Internet. The DRC also offers uninterrupted access to key records after a disaster and assures regulatory compliance through documented records management best practices.


The DRC is powered by IBM’s DB2 Content Manager OnDemand solution that provides high-volume capture of computer output and automated storage management. of archived documents. IBM’s enterprise content management platform is also available in a tailored solution for chemicals and petroleum operations with functionality tuned to E&P information management, reserves, compliance and plant life cycle information

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