BP Norway awards Valhall data cleanup to Sharecat Solutions

Product data specialist gets 12 million NOK supply chain data contract. ISO 15926 compliance announced.

BP Norway has awarded Tektonisk unit Sharecat Solutions a 12MNOK contract on the Valhall redevelopment project out to 2010. Sharecat is to gather and validate supply chain technical data connecting main contractors and vendors. A common view of data and documents will facilitate inter-partner workflows aligned with industry processes. Earlier this year, Tektonisk was awarded another project by BP on the Skarv development. Earlier this year StatoilHydro awarded Tektonisk a 1.8MNOK contract for technical services relating to material master data classification and cleanup. Tektonisk now has 25MNOK of BP Norway projects.

ISO 15926

Sharecat has also announced that it can now deliver structured equipment datasheets to the ISO 15926 standard. This functionality resulted from Sharecat’s participation in the Norwegian Intelligent Data Set (IDS) initiative (OITJ May 07) to establish data in the ISO 15926 format to support data exchange and integration. ISO 15926 underpinned the construction of BP’s Greater Plutonia development (OITJ Sept. 06), a $4 billion project with six FPSOs and 80,000 equipment items. The system is integrated with BP’s SAP ERP package.

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