Barco launches control room software and 3D workstation

CMS-100 visualization solution targets collaboration across multiple video and data sources.

Barco has released a new control room management package and 3D workstation for multi-channel desktops and smaller video walls. The visualization solutions target collaboration and information sharing between control room operators. The new ‘CMS-100’ management suite lets operators visualize multiple data sources on any combination of LCD displays, video walls or workstations. Operators can customize the display space and share user-defined views with colleagues.


Barco product manager Karel Buijsse said, ‘Today’s control rooms are complex networked environments handling an ever increasing number of video and data sources. Efficient collaboration and decision-making is only possible if operators and decision-makers have easy and timely access to this information. This new network-centric solution will enhance operators’ ability to work with large amounts.’

PWS-101 3D workstation

The CMS-100 software is compatible with Barco’s new PWS-101 controller. The 3D workstation can be equipped with two Quad-Core Intel Xeon CPUs, high-end 3D graphics acceleration and media integration capabilities.

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