New ‘ISASecure’ seal of approval for process control systems

New report highlights benefits of ISA 99 standard for cyber security in automation and critical infrastructures.

The Instrument Society of America (ISA) has released Part 1 of a new cyber security standard industrial automation and control systems. ISA99, a.k.a ANSI/ISA-99.00.01-2007 covers terminology, concepts and models and is the first in a series of ISA cyber security standards. ISA, via its Security Compliance Institute, is working to identify and promote security standards-compliant products which will receive the ‘ISASecure’ seal of approval.

New report

A new report on ISA99 has also been released providing an assessment of current cyber security tools, mitigation countermeasures, and technologies. The report includes a survey of control systems as deployed in several industries and critical infrastructures. The pros and cons of different cyber security products are discussed in relationship to anticipated threats and known vulnerabilities with recommendations for countermeasures. More from

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