InFusion deployed at ExxonMobil’s Port Allen lubricants plant

Invensys’ enterprise control system to become template for other ExxonMobil facilities.

ExxonMobil has just switched on a new enterprise control system (ECS) at its Port Allen Lubricants Plant in Louisiana. The ECS, built on Invensys Process Control’s InFusion platform, spans the plant’s SAP enterprise resource planning system (inventory, order/shipments, etc.), batch process control and final packaging and shipping operations.


The original aim of the ECS was to replace the ageing existing control system. But the new system was found to bring extra benefits in production flexibility, work flow and scalability. The ECS has now been adopted as a template for other ExxonMobil lubricant facilities. The ECS was installed without incident.

Le Sueur

Invensys marketing director Grant Le Sueur said, ‘This shows how efficient the InFusion platform is for plant-wide integration. ExxonMobil’s requirements were met through a combination of technology and delivery expertise, resulting in enhanced operations and improved supply chain performance.’

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