OSIsoft upgrades analysis framework and data directory

‘Major evolution’ of PI-System heralds shift from ‘tag-centric’ to ‘asset-centric’ data infrastructure.

OSIsoft’s Asset Framework (AF) 2.0 is a major evolution for the PI-System process and plant data infrastructure. AF 2.0 is a component of OSIsoft’s ‘Data Directory’ strategy that is moving the user interface from its current tag-centric focus to an asset-centric approach. AF promises a consistent representation of assets that can be leveraged in simple or complex analyses to provide ‘actionable information.’ Designers can identify components that make up a process and associate real-time or relational data-with them.

Data management

Data management is enhanced by a common data access infrastructure with named assets and processes across the entire plant or enterprise. AF scales to ‘millions of assets,’ each with hundreds of properties or attributes.


OSIsoft CEO Pat Kennedy said, ‘The combination of AF and our new PI Notifications provides an enterprise-wide solution for integration, exposing PI System data in various contexts for novel analysis. The asset-centric view of real-time information marks the next evolution of real-time data provision.’

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