Security specialists team on cyber risk mitigation

Industrial Defender teams with RuggedCom and CSE-Semaphore on critical infrastructure defense.

Industrial Defender (formerly Verano—OITJ July 2007) and RuggedCom are to provide a ‘comprehensive cyber security solution’ for critical infrastructure protection. RuggedCom manufactures networking devices such as switches, routers and wireless devices for harsh environments along with ‘Gauntlet’ a user authentication solution for cyber assets..


ID has also partnered with CSE-Semaphore, an IP-based SCADA RTU provider. CSE’s Kingfisher G3 Remote I/O Module announced this month enables wireless monitoring and control of end devices that would prove too difficult or costly using traditional connections. Interest in cyber infrastructure protection (CIP) has been raised as utilities face mandatory infrastructure protection compliance by mid-2008. CIP standards have been designed with help from the American National Standards Institute. The US Department of Homeland Security lists energy and chemicals as two of its 17 sector-specific ‘National Infrastructure Protection Plans.

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