Paradigm integrates GOCAD/SKUA with Epos

Epos integration framework preferred to OpenSpirit for data connectivity in ‘high order’ workflows.

Following its 2006 acquisition of Earth Decision, developers of the Gocad and Skua earth modelling tools, Paradigm has been working to enhance integration of the Earth Decision software tools with its existing portfolio. This will allow for the use of facies classifications from Stratimagic and Geolog inside Gocad and Skua models and to constrain reservoir models with simultaneous inversion and other ‘high order’ workflows involving SeisEarth, Voxelgeo and GeoDepth. Paradigm also reports progress on data and application integration between the Rock & Fluid Canvas and Gocad/Skua.

Data connectivity has been provided by Paradigm’s Epos libraries and services. Oil IT Journal asked Paradigm why Epos was used over OpenSpirit (in which Paradigm has a share). The answer is that linking through Epos avoids the creation of intermediate data models (as would be required with OpenSpirit) and results in ‘a more performant and cleaner connectivity solution.’ Paradigm does use OpenSpirit connectivity to access E&P data from third-party repositories. The company is now working on the identification and proliferation of ‘shared components’ for history capture and scripting in the Epos environment.

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