Zokero announces SeisWare 7.0 and new acceleration technology

PC-based interpretation package now embeds Open Inventor from Mercury Computer Systems.

Calgary-based Zokero has just released a major upgrade to SeisWare, its PC-based seismic interpretation package including new 3D Seismic visualization functionality and data management. SeisWare 7.0 also includes enhancements to time slices, log editor, culture editor, data import and export, wavelet analysis, and much more.

SeisWare’s graphics have also recently been enhanced using the Open Inventor .NET 3D graphics toolkit from Mercury Computer Systems. Open Inventor allows seismic data to be rapidly rotated, sliced, and animated. In addition, 2D and multiple 3D seismic volumes, horizons, faults, grids, wells, and attributes can be viewed simultaneously using different color schemes.

Zokero President Ed VanWieren said, ‘We’ve added functionality, customer requested enhancements and a new look and feel. SeisWare 7.0 development was based on user feedback and has been redesigned for efficiency and easy of use.’ Zokero claims a SeisWare user base of over 600 geoscientists world wide, with customers in companies of all sizes from majors to independent consultants. More on Open Inventor from http://3dviz.mc.com.

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