NRX shows-off ISO 15926 solution at Malaysia PCA meet

End-to-end compliant workflow developed for Petronas Carigali Information Management.

At the first Petronas-hosted meet of the POSC-Caesar Association last month, Toronto-based NRX, together with SAP and ALCIM, demonstrated an ‘end-to-end’ ISO 15926 workflow for asset management. The project is a component of the Petronas Carigali Information Management initiative (PCIM – OITJ May 2007). NRX Asset Center’s ISO 15926 data connector was used to connect to ALCIM IQM and synchronized with SAP’s enterprise asset management (EAM) solution.

NRX Asset Center operates as an open platform with connectors to a wide variety of data stores and standards. With standard integrations with SAP software for EAM, Open Text LiveLink, Documentum, XMpLant Schema, and more, the endorsement of a standards-compliant ISO 15926 connector enables asset lifecycle interoperability for all stakeholders, including owner/operators, suppliers and engineering companies. NRX provides Asset Information Management (AIM) and master data management solutions for capital projects along with operational solutions for maintenance and supply chain efficiency. NRX is an active member of the US FIATECH organization’s effort to accelerate ISO 15926 adoption and has now joined the Norwegian POSC Caesar Association.

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