Agribusiness IT for Nigerian oil remediation

Anviron/TerraSolve teams with Italian LIA on environmental modeling and carbon credit analysis for NNPC.

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation unit Integrated Data Services has awarded Seattle-based Anviron’s TerraSolve subsidiary a five year contract for environmental modeling and carbon credit analysis of its reclamation projects. The project includes a provision for data management services and an enhanced application for workflow support.

The Nigerian contract will leverage a 2008 joint venture between Anviron and Laboratorio Internazionale Agricoltura (LIA), an agricultural IT vendor, for a ‘state-of-the-art’ test facility and environmental database running in TerraSolve’s data center.

TerraSolve/LIA CIO Antonio Mussino said, ‘Our environmental modeling programs will provide NNPC with real-world data and comprehensive analysis tools. These will help NNPC’s geoscientists and engineers develop remediation and redevelopment strategies for the coming years.’ Aviron estimates the size of the petroleum remediation industry as $360 billion of which over $100 billion is in design, analysis, engineering and ‘pre-remediation’ services. 2008 turnover for the test facility is valued by Anviron at over €3.3 million.

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