IM toolset supports Chevron’s construction effort

Coreworx information management supports design and construction across production and refining.

Acorn Energy unit Coreworx has teamed with Chevron to specify new functionality in the latest release of its information management solution for major capital projects. Coreworx 6.3 supports the front end design and construction phases of complex projects such as offshore drilling platforms, refineries and other large infrastructure projects.

Mary Lorys, IM analyst with Chevron said, ‘The new transmittal and workflow functionality of Coreworx will enable us to manage the thousands of documents we receive weekly. Initial results suggest that the new release will significantly increase productivity.’

Coreworx is being rolled out across Chevron flagship production developments in offshore Angola, the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, China and Kazakhstan. The toolset is also supporting refinery expansions in the US and Singapore.

Ed Fry, manager of major capital project IM and technology support added, ‘For the past 10 months, Chevron project staff have worked closely with the Coreworx development team to design the enhanced system. We plan to roll out Coreworx 6.3 to Houston and Singapore in December and into London during second quarter 2009.’ More from

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