Inteq’s ‘aXelerate’

Baker Hughes’ new technology heralds fivefold increase in downhole mud pulse telemetry bandwidth—to 20 bps. For more, try a wired drill pipe!

Baker Hughes’ Inteq division has announced a significant increase in bandwidth available for logging and measurement while drilling. The new ‘aXcelerate,’ high-speed telemetry service offers both mud-pulse and wired-pipe data transmission.

Baker Hughes Inteq president Paul Butero said, ‘aXcelerate enables real-time transmission of high-speed, high-resolution data from all of Inteq’s downhole services. Our clients gain a more comprehensive understanding of the downhole environment and can optimize their drilling programs and take immediate remedial action when required.’

Sustained data rates of twenty bits per second have been achieved – five times current mud pulse rates of around three bits per second. For higher bandwidth requirements, the IntelliServ Network’s wired-pipe telemetry can be deployed. aXcelerate has been used successfully in the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Brazil, and the Middle East. The IntelliServ wired drillpipe (a.k.a. IntelliPipe) was originally developed by Grant Prideco (OITJ December 2006) which was acquired by National Oilwell Varco earlier this year.

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