Oilennium announces distant learning management system

Flexible online education tool leverages US Department of Defense ‘SCORM’ e-learning specification.

UK-based Oilennium has announced an online ‘Learning Management System’ (LMS) targeting the oil and gas industry with a range of interactive training tools claimed to maximize user retention. The LMS allows employees to learn new skills or augment existing ones to assure compliance with employer standards and advance their careers.

Users can log on to the LMS and access interactive courses, instructional movies, audio clips and documents. According to Oilennium MD Kevin Keable, ‘We can integrate any type of learning tool from an animated quiz to a video demonstrating how to run coiled tubing.’

Study modules are delivered as ‘Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)-compliant files. The SCORM e-learning specification was developed under the US Department of Defense’s Advanced Distributed Learning initiative. SCORM allows the LMS to monitor and record a user’s progress. Oilennium’s programs are available in Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. Oilennium’s flagship e-learning client is Weatherford International.

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