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Fugro, Stark, Joshi, New Century, Quorum, Paradigm, WellPoint, Omnisens, eLynx, geoLOGIC, Epsis and Triple Point.

Fugro has announced ‘G2,’ a ‘high performance’ satellite navigation service combining the US GPS and Russian GLONASS systems with Fugro’s own reference stations. Consistent decimetre accuracy is claimed worldwide.

Stark Reality has announced ‘Horizon Tools,’ a commercial plug-in in for de Groot-Bril’s OpendTect environment. Horizon Tools provides dip, azimuth analysis, spatial smoothing and structural analysis. Closure calculation with a ‘spill or seal’ model provides a variety of volumetric quality measures for a prospect, creating a ‘closure attribute volume.’

Joshi Technologies has released JTI.Horizontal 7.0 with support for multi-fractured horizontal wells and new completion types. Sensitivity analysis illustrates the impact of different inputs on rates and reserves in graphical form.’

New Century Software has announced Facility Manager 2008, merging functionality from previous applications. FM 2008 performs centerline maintenance functions, adding new lines, reroutes etc. all within a the pipeline GIS. A new GUI combines ESRI ArcMap with a tabular interface for dual monitor setups.

Quorum Business Solutions has announced Quorum LNG Transaction Management (QLNG). QNLG automates contracts, vessel scheduling, nominations, inventory and accounting. Multiple operators and shippers can share the same terminaling environment.

Paradigm has rebranded Focus, its seismic processing system as ‘Echos’ following a trademark dispute. Paradigm has been using the Focus brand name for 17 years!

A new release of WellPoint Systems’ WellPoint Integrated Suite (WIS) combines WellPoint’s Energy Broker (ENB) and Energy Financial Management (EFM) solutions in a single package. WIS 4.1 promises improvement to operational efficiency, international financial management and business analysis for marketing and pipeline operations. WellPoint’s solutions are built on the Microsoft Dynamics AX financial solution.

Omnisens has released a new fiber optic sensing system ‘Ditest STA-R’ with simultaneous, accurate temperature and strain measurement over ‘tens of kilometers’ using standard single-mode optical fiber. The system offers remote control of instruments and data management and analysis capability for pipelines, power cables, umbilicals and flowline monitoring.

eLynx’s new SCADALynx Mobile offering provides instant access to production data Blackberries and smartphones.

A new version of Geologic Systems’ geoSCOUT package (V 7.4) includes usability enhancements and an Ownership Analysis module for calculating well interest. Shapefile ‘themeing,’ and enhancements to the DST and production evaluation charting tools complete the new release.

Epsis, Viju, Tandberg and Cyviz have announced ‘Ex,’ an interactive camera certified for offshore use. Ex transfers video or still photos along with sketches or comments to onshore locations via broadband.

Triple Point has now embedded functionality from enterprise credit risk solutions provider Rome Corp., acquired earlier this year. Version 5.0 of Commodity XL for Credit Risk is an end-to-end solution for exposure management, collateral management, counterparty management, credit analytics and credit scoring and reporting.

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