Dataflux, Terraspark and Intervera sign-up for interoperability

Data quality specialists and seismic interpretation vendor join OpenSpirit.

Three companies have recently signed with OpenSpirit, the upstream data connectivity specialist. Horizontal data quality specialist DataFlux is to use OpenSpirit’s middleware to access third-party geosciences applications and data stores. End users will be able to extract well data from OpenSpirit-enabled data stores to perform rapid data analysis and quality control tasks utilizing the DataFlux Enterprise Integration Server and business rules monitoring engine.

Geoscience software vendor TerraSpark is also developing an adapter with the OpenSpirit software development kit (SDK) to connect its ‘Insight Earth’ seismic interpretation flagship to third party data stores. According to Terraspark CEO Geoff Dorn, this will enable ‘best-of-breed’ workflows across multi-vendor interpretation and data management suites.

Intervera is integrating OpenSpirit’s integration technology platform with its upcoming DataVera V 8.0 release. This includes a DataVera Monitor module that provides a web services framework for integration with other middleware applications such as OpenSpirit. More from

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