AspenTech patents key aspects of aspenONE data model

Plethoric claims for data sharing, ‘amalgamation’ and vendor neutrality for ‘federated’ data model.

AspenTech has announced a ‘recently issued’ patent covering ‘key aspects’ of its aspenONE master data model. The master data model is said to provide a single enterprise view of process data associated with engineering design and supply chain operations and is integrated with control systems and enterprise resource planning systems via a ‘vendor neutral’ interface.

AspenTech’s patent, granted in April 2008, is somewhat broad in scope, covering a ‘system and method for organizing and sharing of process plant design and operations data.’ The method involves a ‘respective class view for each of multiple software applications, a composite class view, a conceptual data model and a resulting consolidated multi-tier data model. The model enables sharing of engineering and other data from software applications with other process and plant engineering applications and programs.’ The patent also covers an ‘amalgamator’ that synthesizes class and composite views, the conceptual and the multi-tier data model. aspenONE’s ‘federated’ data model promises connectivity for 3rd party applications such as ERP and transaction-based systems. The ‘enter once - share by all’ model allows process data to be shared between design, optimization and decision support. aspenONE claims adherence to industry standards including S95, ISO 15926, B2MML and Open Operations and Maintenance.

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