MegaPath broadband for Shell’s ‘CoolBand’ retail network

Deal brings managed security, VPN for credit card processing, cash transfers and tank monitoring.

Costa Mesa, CA-based MegaPath is to provide broadband network and security services to Shell retailers and partners via the Shell’s ‘CoolBand’ network. CoolBand provides broadband connectivity and integration services to support credit and debit card processing and in-store applications via a secure network. Operators can connect stores to headquarters over the private network, eliminating costly phone lines for ATMs, cash transfers, tank monitoring systems and other analog devices. The system includes the latest point-of-sale systems with web-based reporting, inventory and labor management. The network also supports video surveillance and digital signage all over a single broadband connection.

MegaPath senior VP Dan Foster said, ‘The Shell CoolBand program delivers value to local Shell operators, allowing them to increase productivity and security without requiring significant new investments.’ The deal includes MegaPath’s managed security, VPN and broadband services.

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