Open Source WITSML

Petrolink is releasing ‘Powerstore,’ a WITSML-based well site data server and query engine, as open source software to ‘promote take-up across E&P.’

Petrolink is to release its ‘Powerstore’ WITSML server and toolset as open source software. The release includes the WITSML store for Oracle and SQL Server, along with the WITSML Query Workbench. The initial release will be an ‘open license’ runtime with source code to follow once Petrolink’s lawyers have advised on the license model. A new website, has also been announced for public discussions and software download.

Petrolink CEO Jon Curtis said, ‘This move is meant to promote WITSML take-up across the E&P community, reducing startup costs for both service companies and operators. Our core business is service—we are not selling software.’

We asked Petrolink if the open source offering would extend beyond the Microsoft .NET implementation that has to date prevailed. Petrolink’s CTO Giorgio Drei told us, ‘Today, Powerstore uses Microsoft .NET technology exclusively—running on Windows 2003 Server or later and a SQL-Server or Oracle database. We have no plans for a Java interface or core—but it is quite possible that the release as open source to the community will stimulate contributions from passionate developers in many directions—including Java.’

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