Chesapeake video details SharePoint Server 2007 deployment

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 underpins independent’s collaboration and decision support.

Chesapeake Energy, the US’ largest producer of natural gas, has deployed Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 as the foundation of its ‘MyChk’ enterprise portal. MOSS underpins Chesapeake’s intranet, extranet and internet presence, streamlining collaboration across project teams and providing a foundation for business intelligence, content management and external communications. Hardware includes twin front-end web servers, index and search servers and a database server running a 64-bit SQL Server database along with MOSS 2007.

Working with Microsoft, Chesapeake rolled-out the enterprise solution in under three months. Lori Garcia, manager of IT business systems at Chesapeake, said, ‘Training users on how to find information with the new solution has been easy and can be done in a single afternoon.’ Garcia and Chesapeake CIO Cathy Tomkins take starring roles in a snazzy video* explaining how Microsoft’s .NET infrastructure has eased MOSS integration with other Microsoft applications. For Chesapeake, MOSS goes beyond file sharing with secure multi-user ‘TeamSite’ documents and out of the box web parts. Garcia singled out Chesapeake’s ‘Well Detail’ decision support ‘mash-up’ that has replaced some 8-10 applications. MOSS has empowered Chesapeake’s users to manage their own sites and presentations—with a central repository of corporate artwork. Tomkins concluded that data integrity and central analytics mean that ‘everyone including field-based employees can access the same information as employees working at headquarters. This is a real productivity booster.’ More from


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