‘Tigress Live!’ real time data management for SMEs

Geotrace’s revamped data management and interpretation toolset claimed as low cost, low overhead solution.

Geotrace has revamped its E&P data management solution for small and medium-sized companies with the release of Tigress Live!, an integrated, real-time framework at a ‘fraction of the cost’ of existing solutions and with ‘less technical overhead.’

Geotrace CEO Bill Schrom said, ‘Our surveys show that the biggest problem with the current generation of data management tools is still the amount of time it takes to find data. We developed Tigress Live! to offer a more streamlined approach to managing data and capital.’

Tigress Live! supports the entire exploration lifecycle in real time integrating data sources such as existing physical and digital archives, interpretation systems and geo-streaming services. Geotrace’s ‘drop box’ technology is used to pull data together for production reporting and real time well performance analysis. Static models can be automatically updated with fresh data. Closed-loop simulation can be performed with Tigress’ embedded fluid flow simulator—said to be an early derivative of ECLIPSE. More from www.oilit.com/links/0810_2.

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