Information management in upstream survey announced

Venture Information Management invites participants in benchmark survey of business performance.

According to UK-based Venture Information Management, recent studies in other verticals have shown that top performing companies have a strong information management culture. Benchmarking tools such as ‘information orientation’ can now be used to measure information value against business performance. However oil and gas companies often find it hard to ‘show the value’ of good data and information management.

Research by IMD Lausanne professor Donald Marchand has shown a link between business performance and three IM/IT capabilities—’information behavior and values, IM practices and IT practices. These measures have been rolled up into the ‘information orientation’ model. This work has been applied to the upstream by researchers from the University of Stavanger and applied in a pilot survey of six E&P companies. Initial results confirm the correlation between IM/IT capabilities and business performance.

Venture is now proposing to extend the survey to the UK upstream, incorporating its best-practices for information management and lessons learned from previous IM projects and is available for E&P oil and gas company employees to complete up until 31st December 2008. Initial results will be presented at PETEX. More from

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