WeatherBug StreamerRT for energy markets

Energy traders to benefit from web-based GIS front end to National Weather Service data.

‘WeatherBug,’ a brand of AWS Convergence Technologies has announced ‘StreamerRT,’ a real time weather visualization tool targeting the energy market. StreamerRT provides detailed, live weather feeds and GIS mapping. The web-based tool provides energy traders with custom views of existing and potential weather conditions that are likely to impact energy price markets.

WeatherBug senior VP sales, John Doherty, said, ‘A small rise in temperature can mean the difference of thousands of dollars for real-time traders in the energy markets. With the ability to quickly assess the impact of weather conditions, instantly and accurately, StreamerRT offers a distinct competitive advantage, enabling energy traders to better prepare and respond with greater precision and performance.’

Live weather data and forecast information is collected and aggregated from the National Weather Service (NWS) and the WeatherBug Network, a national network of professional-grade weather stations and cameras located at schools, public safety facilities, and in rural and residential areas throughout the country, including on and off-shore locations along the entire Gulf Coast. StreamerRT also includes severe weather alerts from the WeatherBug Network such as lightning, heavy precipitation, and heat index in addition to NWS’ watches and warnings. StreamerRT is described as a ‘true’ web-based application with no downloads or plug-ins required.

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