RigEye IP Video for rig site surveillance

Ping and power are all that’s needed for secure, remote surveillance of drilling and unmanned facilities.

RigEye’s visual communication for the oil field offering is now fully operational. Ping and power are all that’s needed to support RigEye’s IP-based video monitoring systems. RigEye claims to be the ‘Swiss army knife’ of applications such as mitigating mud losses, near misses, accidents and vandalism. The system also helps with remote monitoring of critical applications like bit inspections and coring. License plate recognition can be used to identify and approve site visitors and the system avoids costly trips to the field since operators can log-in securely with RigEye’s web based video software. RigEye also has applications in safety training, using archived video to replay accidents and near misses.

RigEye’s oil country specific videocams offer pan, tilt and zoom functionality and can be installed on onshore, offshore rigs or in refineries and plants. A top drive video system is available for a bird’s eye view of drilling activity.

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