TrigPoint, Syntag announce heavy duty RFID tags

PromptT from TrigPoint equips Helmerich & Paynes drilling fleet. Syntag tags Peerless’ chains.

Two companies have announced heavy duty solutions for RFID*-based asset management this month. TrigPoint Solutions is to provide its ‘PromptT,’ oil country-specific RFID tagging solution to Helmerich & Payne International Drilling Company (HPIDC) for asset management on its drilling fleet. PromptT helps ensure compliance with corporate tracking, preventative maintenance, certification and safety procedures. Earlier this year, Ensign US Drilling also signed up with TrigPoint.

TrigPoint combines RFID technology, ruggedized mobile hand-held devices and interactive front-end and back-end applications to deliver a rapidly deployable system that is effective and user-friendly. RFID tags permanently attach to rig assets to validate proof-of-presence.

In a separate deal, Syntag Manufacturing announced that it is to supply The Peerless Chain Co. with synthetic, durable RFID chain tags. The tags connect items of equipment to computer driven inspection systems and asset tracking programs. Along with its corrosion-resistant RFID-equipped chain sling identification tags, Syntag offers RFID ‘Identiplates’ for heavy service equipment and machinery.

* Radio Frequency Identification

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