Rebranding of enterprise single sign-on reflects expanded scope

Passlogix CEO convinced that ESSO has broad application in dispersed oil and gas operations.

Passlogix has re-baptized its flagship v-GO Sign-On Platform as the v-GO Access Accelerator Suite to reflect the expanding scope of its enterprise single sign-on (ESSO) flagship. Back in 2006, (Oil ITJ Sept 06) Passlogix claimed ‘industry standard’ status for v-GO in the oil and gas vertical, with sales to Chevron and others, notably through a non-exclusive marketing agreement with Schlumberger.

v-GO provides user access to business systems and applications both inside and beyond the firewall and claims to have solved the conundrum of proliferating application passwords. v-GO now also supports access for the ‘extended enterprise,’ including partners, suppliers and contractors.

Passlogix CEO Marc Boroditsky believes that v-GO’s functions are particularly a propos to the oil and gas vertical whose decentralized operations extend to remote oilfields and distant offshore drilling platforms. ‘Field personnel at a rig are often casual about sharing passwords. This creates the potential for unauthorized access to applications and sensitive data files.’ Almost half of the majors use ESSO to combat these and other problems. ESSO also aids compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other data protection regulations. More from

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