CapRock announces AssetTrax rig tracker

International communications specialist rolls out GIS-based asset location for the lobby!

Houston-based CapRock Communications is launching ‘AssetTrax’ to monitor the position of vessels and drilling rigs in real-time. AssetTrax is a map-based tracking service that monitors the position and movement of critical assets around the world. CapRock VP Ron Long explained, ‘Customers told us that they wanted to walk into the lobby of their office and see a plasma screen with dots all over the world representing the locations of their global drilling rigs. AssetTrax lets them see this 24/7 in the lobby, or from any desktop with an internet connection.’

Cal Dive VP Allan Palmer added, ‘We manage a fleet of 27 diving and construction assets in the Gulf of Mexico. AssetTrax allows us to quickly identify the closest asset for response to urgent situations, such as a pipeline leak or marine emergency. AssetTrax was invaluable during Hurricane Ike when we were dispersing our fleet to safe harbors across the Gulf.’

CapRock uses field-proven VSAT satellite technologies to deliver highly reliable managed communication services for broadband networking, real-time video and digital telephony to the world’s harshest and most remote locations. Its global infrastructure includes five international teleports and eleven regional support centers across the US, Central and South America, Europe, West Africa and Asia Pacific.

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