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Fugro-Jason has rolled out PowerLog 3.0, a new version of its Windows-based petrophysical interpretation suite. New features include a ‘robust’ data manager and enhanced interactivity between processes. In place editing allows users to correct errors as they are identified. Also new is a basemap viewer of cartography, contours and attributes and multi-well, multi-user support. History tracking ensures that actions can be undone and that, months or years later, the project methodology can still be understood. Users can add their own routines developed in C# or VB.Net.

ERDAS has debuted its geospatial business systems, ERDAS 2009 with new versions of ER Mapper and ERDAS Image Web Server. A new tool, Erdas Apollo enhances the management of large volumes of geospatial data scattered around the organization, simplifying the use of vector, raster and terrain data.

SPT Group has released V6.0 of its Olga simulator with a new simulation engine. Olga now incorporates results from the Olga verification and improvement JIP—with better quality results for gas condensate cases. Modeling is improved with more consistent results between the preprocessor and the dynamic simulator. A new framework allows for integration of compatible tracking modules. Dynamic reservoir/wellbore interactions can be studied with the RocX Module. GUI and plotting improvements complete the picture. SPT has also enhanced Mepo with a Python pre processor, objective functions and compatibility with Platform’s LSF high performance file system.

Control Microsystems has announced the release of ClearSCADA 2009, its SCADA host. The new release adds support for 64-bit operating systems, a .NET 2.0 API and integration with Kepware’s KEPServerEX OPC Server.

Energy Solutions has received SAP Certification for the interface between its PipelineTransporter Gas (PLTG) 4.0 package and SAP’s ERP Release 6.0. PLTG has also achieved ‘SAP Solution Manager Ready’ status.

Invensys has released a new version of its Dynsim dynamic simulation program. Dynsim 4.3 improves modeling of distillation and compressors and enhances process visualization and ease of use.

Primavera’s Inspire integration module for managers of large capital projects is now a SAP-endorsed business solution. Inspire provides connectivity between SAP’s project management and plant maintenance solutions and Primavera’s P6 package. P6 provides transparent resource, schedule and financial information of past and future projects. By aligning data in both SAP and Primavera’s systems, P6 supports business forecasts with complete visibility into key project milestones, deadlines and resources.

SensorTran’s distributed temperature sensing (DTS) new ‘Gemini’ platform introduces the company’s ‘PerfectVision’ multilaser technology to the oil and gas vertical for use in hot-well monitoring. A Gemini DTS system deployed in a 6km well is capable of making single-ended measurements with a temperature resolution of 0.005°C in less than 1 hour, at a 1 meter spatial resolution.

Intertec’s passively cooled enclosure uses a novel phase-change material to maintain the temperature of electronics equipment at 10 degrees lower than peak ambient temperatures with zero power requirements. Applications include pressure transmitters and process analyzers used on oil and gas pipelines in desert environments.

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