RDF-based ‘virtual warehouse framework’ announced

Stavanger-based Kadme’s ‘semantic web’ technology underpins asset management joint venture with Kestrel.

Stavanger-based Kadme has announced a ‘Virtual Warehouse Framework’ (VWF) for E&P metadata management. The VWF underpins the Kadme-Kestrel asset data management system presented at the 2007 ECIM data management meet. VWF builds an ‘address space’ of all enterprise information resources that Kadme believes will ultimately replace the corporate database.


VWF is based on a top-level ontology and semantic schema from Kadme. These are stored using the W3C’s ‘resource description framework’ (RDF). Information from local databases is captured with an ‘RDF-izer’ such as MIT’s Simile and the Jena API. VWF binds metadata from different models based on ‘semantic proximity.’

Master data

Kadme’s approach leverages open source ‘semantic web’ technology as envisaged by Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the world wide web and long time advocate of RDF. VWF underpins Kadme’s K-search and K-map solutions. More from www.kadme.com.

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