Center for Wave Phenomena IT seismic processing toolset

Colorado School of Mines geophysics R&D unit enumerates software tools in 2007 report to sponsors.

The venerable Center for Wave Phenomena of the Colorado School of Mines just published its report to sponsors for the 2006/7 academic year. The CWP has broad based industry support for geophysical R&D and this year’s papers focus on imaging, time lapse seismics, AVO and interferometry (passive seismics).


The CWP runs a four year old, 32 node Linux cluster and some 5TB of disk space. Software deployed includes Mathematica, Matlab, Intel C and Fortran compliers and the NAG Fortran complier.

Open source

The CWP releases open source software using the open Seismic Un*x (SU) package, now installed at 3600 sites in 68 countries. Other open source software includes Dave Hale’s Mines Java Toolkit and Paul Sava’s Madagascar seismic processing package—this captures seismic processing ‘recipes’ for re-use. More from

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