Geospatial integrity of geosciences software project announced

JIP launched to avoid ‘costly errors’ of bad coordinate handling.

Cain and Barnes, with backing from Devon, ExxonMobil and Shell, are inviting sponsors to a joint industry project (JIP) that sets out to address the geospatial integrity applications used in the upstream. The prospectus notes that ‘costly errors in coordinate data have been a direct result of software problems.’

Best practices

The JIP sets out to ‘transform the management of geospatial data in geoscience software’ by developing best practices for developers and by ‘creating a sustainable improvement process in geoscience software applications based on sound geospatial data management.’ The JIP is seeking additional funding from new sponsors. Sponsors will receive copies of previous geodetic integrity studies of Blue Marble and ‘eight major G&G software packages.’ More from

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