WITSML certification for Kongsberg Intellifield and LIOS

DTS interface, Discovery Wells and Portal receive ‘self certification’ approval from Energistics.

Kongsberg Intellifield has received certification from Energistics (formerly POSC) for its SiteCom, Discovery Wells and Discovery Portal products. SiteCom acts as a WITSML server for real-time and other drilling data from WITSML and non-WITSML sources.

LIOS Technology

LIOS Technology of Cologne, Germany has also received certification for the WITSML data interface for its distributed temperature survey (DTS) devices. LIOS’ technology provides temperature profiles, backscatter, and event data for onshore and offshore installation.


Energistics’ WITSML certification program is a ‘baseline, self-certification’ process WITSML Version 1.3. Although the program does not provide for testing programs, this is envisaged at a future date. Certification is free to Energistics Sustaining Members. Non members pay an annual fee on a sliding scale based on turnover.


To date, certification has seen limited take-up. Knowledge Systems was first out of the blocks with certification of its Drillworks Connect module and Geologix’ GEO Suite is also compliant.

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