TenFold backs TruePoint’s ‘distributed inventory management’

Cal State startup signs with SOA specialist to advance ‘mote-based’ asset management.

California State University at Long Beach’s 2006 first technology transfer startup company, TruePoint Systems Inc. has signed a deal with service-oriented architects TenFold Corp. to extend its mote-based distributed inventory management System (DIMS) with an SOA-compliant, Ajax-enabled applications engine. DIMS uses motes, small sensors with onboard business rules and connectivity that provide real-time location solutions for asset management.


TruePoint president Anne Yee said, ‘We needed an inventory management application to leverage the location information provided by our infrastructure. The result is RTLSManager, a robust front-end to our asset location solution.’ TruePoint’s motes enable asset tracking in harsh environments. TruePoint’s anchor client is the US Department of Defense. TenFold’s development platform ‘EnterpriseTenFold’ is used to replace legacy applications and to build complex SOA-compliant systems.

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