Enerdeq US data now online and license free

IHS Enerdeq offers web based service for occasional users.

Following its web services based delivery of well production and header data (OITJ March 2007) IHS is now offering a slimmed-down service for occasional use. US Data Online provides web based access to current well and production data and lets users build map-based queries and create areas of interest (AOIs). Selected data can be exported in any standard format and reports are stored free for 90 days.


Users get access to new data as soon as IHS collects audits and stores it in the hosted database. Well data is uploaded nightly, production data throughout the month. Enerdeq-powered text queries and national searches complement AOI search.


In addition to well and production data, IHS offers over 170,000 drill stem test reports from the American Institute of Formation Evaluation. This data, which goes back to 1948, has not been previously available as no regulatory authority had responsibility for its collection. US Data Online targets low volume accounts with less than $3,000 of data purchase per year. More from www.oilit.com/ads/ihs.

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