Maximo World 2007—Zakum release, Spatial and Convergence

IBM is developing its asset management software line with a new oil and gas release.

Following its acquisition of Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) Software last year (OITJ September 2006), IBM has consolidated its Maximo offering and is extending the MRO philosophy into IT asset management with ‘cross fertilization’ from its own brand ‘Tivoli’ line of business. Presentations to the Maximo World 2007 held last month in Orlando included both the IT asset and the ‘nuts and bolts’ side of the MRO business. BP Exploration hosted an ‘innovation that matters’ session on the use of Maximo across its global operations.

Zakum release

Terry Ray (IBM) described functionality of the current ‘Zakum’ release of Maximo for oil and gas. BS ISO 14224 failure codes and equipment categories have been deployed. Standardized failure data is essential for reliability analysis. Similarly, standard asset specifications enable comparisons of equipment performance. The Zakum release also leverages Maximo location information and ‘operating context’ is used to associate production data with maintenance so that production losses can be recorded against a work order. Work order prioritization and condition for work information support regulatory compliance. Maximo ‘knows’ what condition an asset has to be in before work such as a plant shutdown can commence. Maximo oil and gas members include ADNOC, BP, Chevron, Flint Hills Resources, KNPC, Occidental, Syncrude, Accenture, Ledet and Associates and UC Berkeley.

Maximo Spatial

IBM has added GIS functionality to Maximo. ESRI’s ArcGIS Server 9.2 enterprise is now available from within Maximo. Dynamic GIS data is now available to Maximo users. Conversely, Maximo information I also available to the mapping community. Covisualization of GIS and Maximo data is further enhanced with support for geoprocessing, geocoding and versioning.


A presentation from Intel focused on ‘converged asset management.’ The use of ‘pervasive devices’ including RFID, sensors and IP addresses for assets is causing physical and IT asset management to converge as users seek to ‘reduce costs, simplify infrastructure and manage assets from a single console with repeatable processes.’ Last year Intel performed over a million Maximo work orders.

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