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BHP Billiton has appointed Tim Cutt as president of global production. Cutt was previously with ExxonMobil.

CapRock Communications has named Doug Tutt as president of global energy markets.

Chevron has teamed with the The Economist to launch ‘Energyville,’ an online SimCity clone. Energyville uses content provided by the Economist Intelligence to ‘examine the economic and environmental trade-offs and opportunities associated with different energy sources.’ More from Chevron has also appointed John Watson as executive VP for strategy and development.

The Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX) has just published a white paper entitled ‘Chem eStandards Initiative – Radio Frequency ID’ to ‘help chemical company CIOs and CFOs evaluate their RFID investment.’ More from

Xiaojun Lu has joined COADE as senior engineer and developer for plant engineering. Lu was previously with China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Texas A&M University.

John Lowe has been promoted to executive VP E&P for ConocoPhillips.

Det Norske Oljeselskap (DNO) has joined de Groot-Bril’s Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation System consortium (SSIS II).

Donald Zmick is now VP client services with Caesar Systems. Zmick was previously with Decision Strategies.

Dennis Clark has joined the data processing division of Fairfield Industries as sales manager.

Petris been awarded US patent No. 7,257,594 for the ‘dynamic common model’ that underpins the PetrisWINDS Enterprise product.

Invensys has appointed Rick Bullotta VP and CTO of its Wonderware unit. Bullotta was previously with SAP.

John Rose is now president of KBR’s Upstream unit and Tim Challand is president of a new technology division.

The Norwegian centre for research-based innovation, The Michelsen Centre has been established to develop innovative solutions for the ‘next generation of measurement technology.’ Hanno Tam has been appointed VP sales for AVEVA Americas. OpenSpirit Corp. has donated its units catalogue and data model to the POSC/Energistics standards body. OpenSpirit’s technology originated in POSC’s ‘business objects’ project back in 1998.

Michael Brumby is Asian regional manager for Petrosys’ new office in Kuala Lumpur, Malasia.

Gilles Munier is general manager of the new ‘Geogreen’ joint venture between the French Petroleum Institute (IFP), Géostock and the BRGM. Geogreen was established to offer engineering services for CO2 transport and sequestration.

Ann Rolison of Magellan LP is vice chair of the PIDX Downstream eBusiness Workgroup.

Keith Woodrome has joined Ryder Scott as petroleum engineer. Woodrome was previously with ExxonMobil.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has appointed Texas A&M professor John Lee as petroleum engineer. Lee is responsible for ‘evaluating oil and gas reserves disclosure requirements.’

Shahin Khan has been appointed VP corporate strategy with SGI. Khan will help ‘build the new SGI with a sharp focus on high-performance computing (HPC).’ Kahn hails from Sun Microsystems.

Lars Saunes is director of Simmons & Co.’s new Norwegian office in Oslo.

Tom Even Mortensen is now CEO of Scandpower Petroleum Technology (SPT) Group following the departure of Dag Terje Rian who stays on as a board member.

The 2007 annual Harris Poll ranks oil companies way down the list alongside the tobacco industry. Only 33% believe oil companies ‘do a good job.’


Following our piece last month, geoLOGIC Systems president David Hood points out that ‘geoSCOUT is not just for Canadian data. US data is also available and many companies use international data with the product.’

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