Open Spirit User Group—Hydro, OMV and Talisman

Middleware sees enterprise deployment. Footprint expanding to production, drilling and simulation.

Johan Kinck described Hydro’s Petech architecture, a new application portfolio with OpenSpirit as the data ‘glue.’ OpenSpirit (OS) acts as a data transfer utility between the project data store and Hydro’s applications. This ‘fit for purpose’ solution will enable deployment of ‘best of breed’ applications while assuring data security in a central data store. OpenSpirit was used to move data from the old project data store (GeoFrame) to the new (OpenWorks). This was a ‘demanding task’ involving large volumes of data.


The Petech project aims to establish more effective cross disciplinary work processes and reduce cycle times for the upstream. Applications from Schlumberger, SMT and Roxar will access data in OpenWorks via OpenSpirit. With the imminent merger with Statoil, Kinck demonstrated that its current data volumes put the company in the same league as Statoil. Commenting on OS’ functionality, Kink said, ‘OpenSpirit is the Fast Move button, but you must understand what you are asking it to do!’

The future

Lynn Babec outlined the future for OS development. New data types will extend OS’ footprint into production engineering, drilling, well planning, reservoir simulation and field operations. The plan is to extend the OS workflow from its current ‘static earth model’ focus out into field development and production. This proved challenging with issues like unstructured and proprietary data stores, multiple realizations and time variant data. All of which raises several questions for the OS community as to the prioritization of new datatypes, applications and data stores.


Marc Hockfield described how Production Access’ Oilfield Data Manager (ODM3) was integrated into Talisman Norway’s OS-enabled environment. ODM3 is a geological toolkit for data integration and interpretation. An OS plug-in was used to Talisman’s GeoFrame data store. OS was successfully used to import Talisman’s massive database in a fraction of the time it would otherwise have taken.


Schlumberger’s Armando Gomez described current and future workflows between Petrel and OS-enabled data sources. Improvements to Petrel’s OS module have enhanced usability with coordinate system awareness, expanded data type support and the integration of ArcGIS events for selected Petrel data types. An upcoming ‘Petrel for the Enterprise’ release will include an Oracle database.


Wolfgang Jaich showed how OMV is planning to leverage OS in a ‘next generation,’ SOA-based E&P information system.

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