Startup rolls-out ‘Well Lifecycle Efficiency Framework’

Upstream Professionals’ unveils knowledge transfer system for upstream operations.

Houston-based startup Upstream Professionals (UP) has announced a ‘Well Lifecycle Efficiency Framework’ a.k.a. the UP Framework. The system currently being implemented in several oil and gas companies sets out to ‘optimize operations, control costs and increase revenues.’

RWD Technologies

UP has a strategic alliance with RWD Technologies to leverage its expertise and tools for training and performance support solutions. The resulting ‘knowledge transfer system’ is tuned to an organization’s requirements, particularly in the face of the ‘big crew change.’


UP CEO Jeff Dyk said, ‘Improving the visibility of key information elements across all departments increases staff productivity and positions an organization to adapt to change through future acquisitions and drilling.’ The solution includes best practices for drilling, workover and production and embeds benchmarks for operational key performance indicators. A custom dashboard provides financial insight into operations. Upstream Professionals was founded in January 2007 by the creators of the Production Access package.


UP’s Chris Niven told Oil IT Journal – ‘Our new solution includes software from multiple vendors as well as our own tools. We have a vision of what an upstream optimization and knowledge transfer environment should look like and are leveraging existing systems, filling the gaps with customized workflow, collaboration and dashboard solutions.’ Clients include Petrohunt, St Mary’s Land & Exploration and Denbury Resources. More from

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