GeoScope V4.0—navigating the corporate data ‘archipelago’

Hampton Data’s GIS builds network knowledge base, serves results as WEB 2.0 mashups.

UK-based Hampton Data services has released version 4.0 of its GeoScope GIS-based E&P data management system. The new release crawls network drives, building a ‘knowledge base’ of keywords and spatial metadata. The results can be browsed in a GIS viewer or searched by area of interest, data object, keyword or free text. New relationships can be recorded and data tagged, leaving the original data in situ. The crawler can be used to monitor the network, updating GeoScope in realtime.

Data archipelago

GeoScope leverages OpenSpirit and ODBC connectivity to access and tag data across the corporate data ‘archipelago’ in a collaborative, ‘Web 2.0’ approach to data management. The GeoScope portal allows mashing of shared folders, external database tables, ESRI GIS and other spatial data. According to Hampton Data, ‘Collaborative working becomes intuitive and possible. Knowledge capture is easy because the user is released from the constraint of structured database taxonomies and workflows.’ More from

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