Agencies leverage Adobe for geodata delivery

USGS’ topographic maps served with TerraGo’s plug in. BGS’ LithoFrame leverages 3D functionality.

Government agencies on either side of the Atlantic are offering users of geological and topographical information high tech visualization and databasing solutions leveraging Adobe’s PDF format and viewers. The US Geological Survey is using TerraGo’s GeoPDF Adobe Reader toolbar to put topographical maps online.


TerraGo turns Adobe into a geospatial application with viewing, sharing and update capabilities. Features include multiple coordinate displays, measure length and area, layers, attribute search and ShapeFile export.


On the other side of the pond, the British Geological Survey (BGS) is using Adobe’s 3D visualization capability in its LithoFrame project, a 3D geological model of UK stratigraphic units, faults and volcanic features. The downloadable model extends to the Moho, a depth of 30 km.


LithoFrame was built in GoCad and leveraged the BGS’ Digital Geology Spatial Modeling project (DGSM). The DGSM infrastructure ‘links databases, standards, applications and procedures’ to enable multi-scale 3D model data to be accessed on demand. Data management strategies handle multiple data types including borehole logs, digital terrain models, geological and seismic cross-sections. Databases are linked using ISO19115-compliant metadata and XML mark-up. Sample datasets include the UK ‘surface to Moho’ model mentioned above and offshore basins west of Scotland.

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