Industrial Defender V3.0 expands reach of cyber risk protection

Company previously know as ‘Verano’ adds Cisco firewall compatibility to SCADA security solution.

Industrial Defender (previously Verano) has released version 3.0 of its flagship risk mitigation suite for real-time process control and SCADA environments. New Industrial Defender (ID) features include support for Cisco and Secure Computing firewalls, intrusion detection for power substations and better scalability.

Cyber Risk

ID’s cyber risk protection program includes professional services, risk mitigation technology and co-managed security services. Such an approach is considered critical in guarding against the increased volume and sophistication of cyber security threats. ID also addresses North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) standards, which became mandatory and enforceable on June 18, 2007, with penalties of up to $1 million per day for non-compliance one year from now.


ID president and CEO Brian Ahern said, ‘As cyber security threats, industrial espionage and human error increase the risk to mission-critical infrastructures, we are enhancing our platform to fully protect against the potentially catastrophic impact on business operations and public safety. A successful cyber attack could halt business or cause shortages of vital commodities or environmental and human casualties.’


ID now monitors and manages both existing and newly installed ID firewalls from a single console. Support for Cisco and Secure Computing infrastructures eliminates the need for separate cyber security or control systems for each different brand of firewall. ID monitor and manages up to 200 host systems and helps companies meet regulatory compliance mandates and guidelines including ENISA, NERC CIP and NIST.

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