GE Pipeline Solutions’ ThreatScan detects pipeline damage

Acoustic monitoring and signal processing detects third party ‘strikes’ and supports damage mitigation.

GE’s PII Pipeline Solutions recently released ‘ThreatScan,’ an acoustic pipeline monitoring system that mitigates the risk of ‘third-party’ infrastructure damage, the leading cause of failure in gas and liquid pipelines. ThreatScan detects damage caused by construction, farming and other excavation, assuring transmission line integrity and security of supply.


Using ATEX (explosive atmospheres) certified sensors, solar power and satellite communications, ThreatScan can be retrofitted to existing above-ground pipelines without excavation and can be deployed in populated areas. ThreatScan’s intelligent signal processing filters out ambient noise, identifying even minor pipeline strikes and avoiding false alarms.


GE Oil president Claudi Santiago said, ‘Operators now can know immediately where and when a pipeline has been damaged and can investigate what happened, rapidly repair any immediate failures or damage that may cause future failure and take action to ensure it will not happen again.’


In addition to immediately notifying operators of specific impacts in a given pipeline, ThreatScan provides monthly summaries of dates, times and locations of impacts, further enhancing the operators’ risk analysis and ability to establish long-term damage mitigation plans.

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