Pure Energy, Inversion Tech team on complex service delivery

Coal bed methane well test compliance reporting eased by Inversion Technologies’ ‘Dart’ development.

A joint venture between Pure Energy Services and Inversion Technologies has addressed a complex business problem involving reservoir monitoring, compliance reporting and e-commerce. The operator, a major Canadian coal bed methane operator, was required by the Albertan regulator to run a downhole pressure survey and to simultaneously record five zones in one well per land section of land – amounting to over 300 surveys a year. Three different companies were involved in the operation, each supplying data and invoices to the operator which was landed with ‘a data management nightmare,’ and a big reporting headache involving a huge management overhead.

Single source

Pure Energy and Inversion Technologies devised a hardware and software solution to solve the data management issue but also simplify operations and consolidate them into a single sourced solution. An interface to the pressure recorder hardware was built for setup and managing of field operations and download of acquired data. Following gauge calibration and processing the system submitted the results to the regulator and invoiced the Operator.


The application was programmed in ‘Dart,’ Inversion Technologies’ development environment, in 2 months. The self-contained, automated system requires little management overhead for the operator. To date close to 100 wells have been monitored. Dart organizes any digital asset into an accessible information resource. This is the foundation for processing and visualization functionality. Oil and gas applications to date include job management, log analysis, and data visualization. Data loaders are available for industry formats including LAS, DLIS, OpenWorks, OpenSpirit and others. More from sales@inversiontech.com.

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