DataFlux ‘Accelerators’ clean ‘hard to standardize’ product data

Master data management approach underpins major’s global data warehouse.

Master data management specialist Data Flux has announced a major win with an unnamed global oil and gas company. The client has exploration, refining and petrochemical operations in some 150 countries around the world. DataFlux was deployed to cleanse and standardize product data prior to loading it into a new data warehouse.


Mergers and acquisitions have increased the number and complexity of business applications and information systems within the client’s business. To improve information reliability and accessibility, the company began to implement global data warehouses, huge information repositories of standardized and validated versions of critical business information.

Product data

According to DataFlux, product data is ‘notoriously difficult to standardize.’ Even within the same business, companies have different ways to describe products and brand names. The company’s worldwide presence made the problem even more difficult by adding language differences and other cultural variables, making the task of building a global product data warehouse significantly daunting. By using DataFlux’ master data management technology, the client standardized product information in a global data warehouse, freeing business analysts and gaining a better assessment of product needs and availability.


Announced last December (Oil ITJ Dec 06), the latest version of DataFlux includes ‘Accelerators,’ pre-built workflows, a new data quality integration platform and new metadata discovery and data monitoring capabilities. The package includes customizable reporting on data that does not meet corporate quality and integrity standards.

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