Geosoft to acquire potential field specialist NGA

Following long term partnership, Northwest Geophysical Associates sells software and IP.

Toronto-based Geosoft has announced its intention to acquire the software and intellectual property assets of Northwest Geophysical Associates (NGA), based in Corvallis, Oregon. NGA’s assets include the GM-SYS range of gravity and magnetic modeling.

Oil and gas

Geosoft and NGA have partnered, since 1989, to provide the oil and gas industry with visualization and interpretation tools for gravity and magnetic data and its integration with seismics.


Geosoft CEO Tim Dobush said, ‘The proposed acquisition is a natural progression of Geosoft’s partnership with NGA. It provides an opportunity to advance our integrated solution, streamlining software development and our interactions with customers in the Oil and Gas and Geoscience markets.’ NGA’s software will be incorporated into Geosoft’s line of desktop mapping and processing software. NGA developers will become part of Geosoft’s R&D group.

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