Petrosys/GeoX mashup

GeoKnowledge and Petrosys are teaming on the development of a play and prospect analysis package embedding high-end mapping.

Petroleum software boutiques Australian Petrosys and Norwegian GeoKnowledge are pooling their resources to offer ‘integrated access’ to their analytic and mapping tools. The teaming agreement covers Petrosys high-end mapping package and GeoKnowlede’s GeoX stochastic play and prospect modeling toolset.


The idea originated with a prospect and leads system developed for Santos, leveraging ‘interesting workflows’ across Petrosys and GeoX. Marketing the software combo will begin in the Australia/SE Asia region and, if successful, will extend worldwide.


We asked Petrosys CEO Volker Hirsinger if the companies might merge. ‘There are no plans at present but we are looking to integrate sales and support. We both share the problem of supporting a worldwide client base.’


GeoKnowledge CEO Charles Stabell added, ‘Petrosys’ toolset and its ability to integrate diverse GIS and IM strategies make it a logical choice for extending the spatial functionality of GeoX. Improved visualization will provide greater understanding of risk and uncertainty in exploration and exploitation opportunities.’

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