GEOMIND project—ISO metadata for geophysics

EU-sponsored project to develop ‘extensive’ metadata standard and data discovery portal.

As the SEG deliberates on a future SEG-D Rev 3, and Energistics/POSC moots a ‘SeismicML,’ out of left field comes another geophysical standards initiative in the form of the EU-sponsored Geomind consortium. Geomind, unveiled at the EAGE in London last month, started with the observation that ‘no extensive metadata standard exists for geophysical data.’

ISO 19115

The consortium of EU institutes and companies is to address this issue with an extension profile to the ISO19115 metadata standard. A data portal will leverage the new standard for data discovery and exchange. The open standard will be supported by free applications to help future users become data providers.


Geomind project manager László Sõrés of the Hungarian Eötvös Institute told Oil IT Journal, ‘We are analyzing existing data standards to see which to recommend. All SEG formats will be accepted and recommended but at present we have no connections to the SEG standards committee.’ More from

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